Hi my name is Jacob Cyr, I am the founder of Treaty Four Tech. Although we are primarily focused on VR and 3D storytelling, a future in advanced artificial intelligence models open to the public is planned. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

Homer The Dog is an evolved canine from the future. In the distant future, humans die and leave a world of symbiology and decay for animals to adapt to. Fitting into the world we left behind they live just as humans did. Enter Homer, A drug cop in the future, he gets shot with a blackhole gun and ends up flying through space back in time! His new home? 1990's Regina Saskatchewan on Treaty Four Territory. Join Homer The Dog as he fights crime, cleans up the city, and strikes terror into anyone that sees his face! Coming October 1st as an Indigihubâ„¢ Original.

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Treaty Four Tech is excited to announce that we will be moving to a new platform starting October 1st. Stay tuned for even more immersive VR experiences and exciting projects!